Order Processing

Our highly skilled customer service representatives are available 24/7 to process your orders. We process your orders so that you can focus on growing your business. Our representatives are trained professionals, who process your customers’ orders in a prompt, efficient, and accurate manner. We make sure that every customer has a great shopping experience with your company.

Available 24/7
Reliable & Accurate Order Processing
Direct Response (Infomercials)

In a market where you have to compete with so many different products and services for your customers, it is important to set yourself apart. ART Global helps you differentiate your company brand through providing an entertaining and pleasant shopping experience over the phone. We turn your customers from first time customers into repeat customers and customer inquiries into sales. Our cross-selling and up-selling will help you quickly move your products and services from your warehouse to your customer’s home. Our knowledgeable and experienced representatives will provide your customers with the information and answers that will help them make a buying decision.