Database Cleanup and Data Processing

ART Global provides the facility to eliminate redundant records, obsolete information is deleted, and current information is obtained. You are left with a Clean Database with current Company and Contact Names, Titles, Addresses, Phone and Fax Numbers, E-mail Addresses, etc.

A Clean Database can save your company time and money, especially on mailings and promotions.

  • Identify the appropriate contact name.
  • Collect the proper address and title.
  • Gain additional contact names within targeted companies.
  • Gain access to e-mail addresses.

What can an Outbound Database Cleanup / List Qualification campaign do for you? This will increase the level of success of your targeted mail and reduce returned and discarded mail.

Database Cleanup (In-house Database)
Phone verify all contact and company information, update any changes and add key data fields for future sales and marketing efforts.

List Updating
Credit Leads List Updating service can verify company address, phone, fax, e-mail, and contact names to save your company money before doing a mass mail. Obtaining accurate information is of utmost importance to the results of your campaign. Updating your database with reliable information can revitalize old prospects and accounts.

Data mining
Contact both active and inactive records within existing database to uncover actionable information. Data mining can include; Surveys/profiling – for factual information, opinions or preferences.

Database Construction
Acquire new List / Database of target prospects, phone verify all contact and company information, and add key data fields for future sales and marketing efforts.

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